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Web Control

The 'web' in web control refers to the sheet of material (paper, plastic film, foil, rubber, textile, etc.) that passes through manufacturing and processing machinery. Our web control business centers on the devices and systems that are used to control the position of the web, and our products are used in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, from papermaking and printing, to electronic equipment. The Edge Position Controller (EPC) is our main product. EPCs were first used in steel works in the final stage of steelmaking to keep the edge of the strip of sheet steel even, when the sheet was being wound into rolls for storage or shipment. Following on, in 1953 we began sales of an EPC we had developed to control the rolling of film on film production lines. Later, we branched out with EPCs for many other sectors, including papermaking, printing and textiles. Other web control devices that we produce include tension controllers, register controllers and gluing machines. Tension controllers keep the tension of the web constant on sheet product manufacturing and processing lines to prevent wrinkles and folds in the web. Register controllers control the position of the web in printing so that color drift and other problems do not occur. Our gluing machines extrude precise amounts of glue from nozzles on to the proper locations on the web. Since our founding, the steel and non-ferrous metal industries have been major users of our web control products. With the conclusion of a technical cooperation agreement with Crossfield Co., Ltd. in 1970 we increased our market share of web controllers in the papermaking and printing sectors and developed and expanded our process control business. Recently our business has rapidly grown due to the use of our EPCs and tension controllers on the production lines of highly functional films that are used in the manufacture of LCDs and flat-panel displays, and presently account for nearly half of overall Group sales. Our web control business currently makes the greatest contribution to our bottom line.

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