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Process Control

Our process control business involves control and measuring systems, chiefly for application on steel and non-ferrous metal production lines. The photo shows one of the key steps in the steel-making process. We make the systems that control the pressure, flow and temperature of the molten metal when the iron ore is melted and refined in the pig iron production and later steelmaking stages. At the beginning of the continuous casting process when the steel comes out of the furnace and is poured into a mold, we make the eddy-current molten steel level meters that measure the level of the molten steel in the mold (which indicates the amount of steel that has been poured into the mold). Later, our EPC and CPC systems control the positions of the edges of the steel strip at the end of the steelmaking process while the strip is rolled and surface-processed. We also make the marking machines that automatically print information directly onto the products, during various stages in the manufacturing process and upon completion. Nireco has made steady progress in the field of process control since its establishment. We have fostered the key technologies that are our core competence in the field of process control, and we have taken these technologies and have applied them in product development in other fields, such as web control, to grow the Group's business.

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