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MJ Tension Sensor



Introducing a sensor that is robust enough to handle water when cleaning a production line.

The MJ tension sensor is the ideal high-performance tension sensor for producing sophisticated plastic films. It is essential for tension control of sophisticated plastic films used in leading-edge industries, including flat-screen TVs, rechargeable batteries, thin and light solar cells, and organic EL lighting, which is expected to become the next generation of lighting.

A tough tension sensor

The MJ tension sensor has an IP66-compliant, highly-durable protective housing.
We maximized robustness to enable tension to be stably detected even under the harshest conditions. The high-precision protective housing makes it difficult for water droplets and dust to penetrate, allowing the sensor to be washed with water without constraint when washing a production line.

  • The high spring-steel rigidity of the MJ tension sensor provides a high resonance point, making it ideal for high-speed lines.
  • The load displacement of the MJ tension sensor is extremely low, making it effective for thin web lines (i.e., film, foil, etc.).
  • The stainless version has an IP66-compliant protective housing that can handle being splashed with water when cleaning a production line.
  • The use of a mono-block structure provides outstanding linearity and hysterisis.
  • The MJ sensor is compact but highly robust.
Diagram number MD0000320 MD0000330 MD0000340 MD0000350
*1Rated tension (N) 50 200 500 1000
*1,4,5Maximum roll load (N) 200 200 500 1000
*1,4Maximum overload 700 2000 5000 10000
Roll displacement (μm·N) 0.36 0.12 0.05 0.03
*2Resonance frequency (Hz) 105.0 143.8 140.9 128.6
Frequency response (Hz) 300
*3Main unit mass (kg) 0.9 1.7
Direction of resultant tension force Forward or reverse
Mounting angle Any desired angle
Supply voltage ±15VDC ±1V (+15V/50mA, -15V/10mA)
Ambient temperature/humidity 0 to +50°C, 35 to 85%RH (No condensation permitted)
IP Protection Rating IP30
*1. The figures for rated tension, maximum roll load, and maximum overload are for double-sided detection. For single-sided detection the above figures should be halved.
*2. The resonance frequency figures are for the tension load during double-sided detection and at maximum roll load.
*3. The frequency response figure is with respect to a change of 1/10 in the rated tension.
*4. For the MJ050, the maximum roll load is not equal to the rated tension (double-sided load). The maximum roll load is 200 N. Consequently, the maximum overload = the rated tension × 10 + the maximum roll load.
*5. The maximum overload represents the maximum value of the force exerted in the direction of the resultant force.