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MC Tension Sensor


web_mc_2nd.jpgThe MC tension sensor is a force converter designed especially for tension controllers or tension meters. It is a high-precision instrument suited to high-speed lines.

This tension sensor has a high spring stiffness and therefore a high resonance frequency, which makes it ideal for high-speed lines. Since there is very little displacement under loads, it is particularly useful for sensing deflection in thin webs (films and aluminum foil, etc.). The sensor's simple, monoblock construction makes it more accurate, and gives it an excellent hysteresis and linearity. A stopper protects it against overloading.

Rated tension (N) 1000 (2000) 3000 5000
Roll displacement (μm/N) 0.024 0.011 0.0064
Allowable roll weight (kg)Mounting angle :
360° Any desired angle
100 300 500
Mounting angle :
When Horizontal or reverse mounting
1500 2000 3000
Allowable overload (N) Ten times rated load
Unit weight (kg) 17
Tension resultant direction Forward or reverse possible
Mounting angle 360° Any desired angle
Supply voltage DC±15V
Ambient temperature 0 to +50℃
1. Figures for rated tension and allowable roll weight are for double-sided detection. For single detection the above figures should be halved.
2. A 5m cable with connectors for connection to an amplifier is supplied.