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Liteguide Controller AE550/AE560

Liteguide Controller AE550/AE560


Compact, with a full range of functions!
Separated monitor version available!

The display unit and the operating unit feature a color touch-screen panel, for enhanced visibility and ease of use.
In addition, increasing the input circuits enables CPC control and increases the choice of sensor options.


Power supply voltage +24 V DC (4A) (peak response considered to be 6 A and approx. 50 msec.)
• When NIC100 + NIP100 used: +24 V DC, 6 A or greater
(When the controller power supply and the motor power supply are the same)
* If these power supplies are different, please use the following capacities.
Controller power supply: +24 V DC, 1 A
Motor power supply: +24 V DC (3 A) (peak response considered to be 6 A and approx. 50 msec.)
Power supply fuse: 3.15 A, 24 V DC (time-lag type)
Mass AE550: 1.8 kg AE560 main unit: 1.7 kg, monitor: 0.22 kg
Environment Ambient operating temperature 0 to +50°C
Ambient operating humidity 35 to 85% RH or lower (no condensation)
Vibration resistance 3.5 mm, 1G, 3 to 150 Hz, movement in 3 directions (1 hour)
Power supply noise 2.5 kVp-p, normal mode, common mode, 50 ns, 1 μs pulse width
Operating atmosphere Locations free of water drops, flammable gases, corrosive gases, and with little dust

* Same conventional functions as the AE500, AE120 and AE122.