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Compact Guide Roll Mechanism LCD series
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Compact Guide Roll Mechanism  LCD series


Faster, labor-saving, more user-friendly to meet your needs!

This Compact Guide Roll Mechanism is Nireco' s EPC (Edge Position Control) system that seeks to achieve both ease of use and cost performance that are essential to web conveyors. Nireco sells integrated systems that use the center-pivot approach that puts very little load on the web and integrates the guides, controller and sensors. In response to strong market needs, Nireco will soon begin sales of a new guide roller system that saves time and labor, and is easy to use.


Examples of web travel


  • Simply connect the primary power supply to the system - there's no need for initial adjustment.
  • With only simple periodic checks, this system can steadily run for a long period (in an optimal working environment).
  • Optimal for use with low-tension, flexible webs.
  • The system can be operated via a remote control panel (optional) at a distance of up to 10 meters.
  • Simple, solid construction at an economical price.
Power source voltage 24V DC
Power consumption 100 W (24V DC, 4A max)
Roll surface length 250 to 550mm (50mm increments), maximum length: 610mm
Roll diameter φ 50 mm (standard) or φ 80 mm
Tension 200 N
Line speed max.250 m/min
Adjustment ±10 mm
Mass 10 to 15 kg