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Linear Actuator K300-200-20
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Linear Actuator K300-200-20


High-Torque Electric Actuator
Release of DC Motor Specifications

The Linear Actuator K300 is connected to a Liteguide controller and is mainly used for EPC systems. Linear actuators are solidly built, with an integrated speedreduction (spur gear) and ball screw.

● 3.0 kN High-Thrust Actuator
● Space saving because no servo driver is required
● Reliable, proven stability control is possible
● DC Motor Specifications
● CE (EU Directive) Certified Product

ModelDwg. No.Stroke (mm)Speed (mm/s)Thrust (kN)Mass (kg)Rated voltage
K300-200-20 KL0001660-EA 185 20 (*) 3.0 13kg 48V (2.5A)

* Speeds shown are when unloaded.