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MB Tension Sensors
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Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof
MB Tension Sensors

Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof<br>MB Tension Sensors


Used in tension controllers and tension meters.
We offer a line of tension sensors whose rated tensions range from 100 N to 5000 N.

● Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design (can be installed in hazardous locations where there is a risk of steam of flammable or explosive gas)
● MB tension sensors offer performance and reliability
● Can be used over a wide range of tensions, from low to high
● A wide angle of resultant tension force makes these sensors easy to install
● MB tension sensors are strain-gauge types with high sensitivity and good responsiveness


Rated tension (N) 100 200 100 200 500 1000 3000 5000
Roll displacement (μm/N) 2.42 1.20 2.80 1.38 0.47 0.22 0.086 0.057
Allowable roll weight (kg) 10 20 10 20 50 100 300 350
Unit weight (kg) 1.5 0.8 3.4 16.1
Tension resultant direction Detection in the forward/reverse directions is possible Only detection in the forward
direction is possible. Detection in
the reverse direction is not possible
Power supply voltage +6 VDC/20 mA
Ambient operating temperature -10 to +50℃

1. Roller displacement indicates the displacement of the roller per load of 1 N.
2. Allowable roller weight for rated tension indicates the permissible roller weight in double-sided detection.
3. If the MB06□S, MB12□S or MB26□S is supplied with a wall mounting bracket (optional),
 the suffix (-W) will be added to their model names. (Example: MB12BS-W)