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Guide Roll Mechanism


The Guide Roll Mechanism is used to correct meandering of the traveling web. The Guide Roll Mechanism is available with the center pivot system and the end pivot system.
NIRECO provides the guide roll mechanism suited to the requirements of web material quality, width, tension, correction quality and speed and installation conditions of a machine by applying its long experience of EPC technologies.

The center pivot system allows the center of the extending surface of the web on the guide roller side to be the pivot center. Installation may sometimes be difficult, but in all other regards, this is the best intermediary guide roller system.

web_guideroll_2nd.jpg Features:

  • Excellent stability and accuracy of control;
  • No negative influence on the upstream side of the guide rollers;
  • The design of the center pivot system means that adjustments can be made simply by applying torsion to the web, with minimal risk of creasing.

This makes the center pivot system ideal even for paper, metal and foil webs that have a high modulus of elasticity.

ModelApplicationsLoadRoller materialMaximum tension NRoller surface length mm
LCD-B For business forms
(has built-in width extender)
Low Aluminum 250 550, 610
LCD-01 Offset rotary press Intermediate Aluminum 1000 1000, 1100
LCD-L General use Low Aluminum or steel 250 300~650
LCD-M General use Intermediate Aluminum or steel 500 500~800

The end pivot system comes in two forms: the dual-roller S-wrap type and the single-roller 90°-wrap type. The dual-roller S-wrap end-pivot system is used in the middle of the web line, while the single-roller 90°-wrap end pivot system is installed at the point where the web makes a 90-degree change in direction.


ModelNo. of rollWrap typeLoadRoller materialMaximum tension NRoller surface length mm
LED-L1 2 S-Wrap Low Aluminum or steel 250 280~650
LES-L1 1 90°-Wrap Low Aluminum or steel 250 280~650
LED-M 2 S-Wrap Intermediate Aluminum or steel 1000 800~1600
LES-M 1 90°-Wrap Intermediate Aluminum or steel 1000 800~1600