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Design Position Control DPC

Design Position Control DPC


At-roller-surface detection and off-roller detection

This system can be used in both at-roller-surface detection (that reduces the effects of play in the web on detection) and off-roller detection (that reduces the influence of the type of roller material on detection).

A wide range of light sources and filters

Combinations of the built-in LED lighting unit and the filters enable the system to cope with a range of roller surfaces including chrome-plated rollers and rubber rollers

  • Pattern matching
    The system takes reference positions from within the entire image (such as the line, edge, pattern and text) and stores them in memory, detects web meandering and sends out correction signals.
  • ZNCC (Zero-mean Normalized Cross-Correlation)
    Stable detection is assured, even if there are variations in external light and print density.
  • Easy search function
    Simply specify the reference position from within the entire image and press the Search button to record the reference position in memory and start the detection.


System components when under AE500 control


External appearance nip100_spec.png nic100_spec.png
Power supply DC24V(2A) DC24V (1A)
Supplied by the NIP100
Ambient humidity 0 to +50°C (No condensation)
Light source High brightness color LED (white)
Imaging element CCD area sensor (VGA W640×H480)
Display function Color touch-screen panel (4.3 inch)
Analog deviation signal output DC 0 to +5V
Lock signal output Open collector
Sensor roller diameter φ 80mm or greater
Body material ADC12 / A5052 ADC12 / SPCC
Mass Body 0.5kg Body 0.7kg