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Autowide Sensor AWE280A
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Autowide Sensor AWE280A


This optical sensor for the detection of the position of(non-transparent) webs has a wide field of view (280 mm) so there is no need to move the sensor to the web end position every time the web width changes.

●Both EPC and CPC can be performed using a single AWE280A.
●It can also detect webs made of fabric or other lighttransmitting material.
●It can be also used in environments where there is slight amount of dust or occasional drops of water.(Drip-proof finish of IP54 Standard equivalence)
●If the detection sensitivity declines, a warning signal will be output.
●The power-saving design means that the power supply box (PR15X) that was formerly required when two AWE280 sensors were used, is now no longer required.

Supply power voltage +15V DC (200 mA)
Sensor output signal When fully closed: DC 0 V. When fully open:
DC +5 V (load resistance of at least 2 kŸ)
Sensor gap 50 mm
Range of measurement 280 mm
(Mounting face reference 80 mm to 360 mm)
Light source Red chip LED (peak wavelength of 660 nm)
diffuse light source
Sensor element 0.042 mm/pixel
Sensor response time 3 ms
Ambient humidity 0 to +50°C 35 to 85% RH (no condensation)
Body material Sensor casing: aluminum alloy/cover: SUS304)
Surface treatment Sensor casing: white anodized aluminum
cover: untreated
Mass 3.8 kg
Basic drip - proof construction Certified to IP54