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Liteguide Amplifier AE61 series
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Liteguide Amplifier AE61 series


The Liteguide Amplifier AE61E performs high precision Center Position Control (CPC) and Edge Position Control (EPC) in combination with the Autowide Sensor (AWE280), Motor-driven Actuator (K12) and Remote Control Unit. The Remote Control Units are provided for single circuit and twin circuit types.

  • Switching between CPC (center position control) and EPC (edge position control) is possible.
  • Auto-balance function is provided.
Example of instrumentation


Power supply 100 to 240V AC (automatically switched)
Power consumption 100VA
Ambient temperature 0 to +50℃
Mass 6.1kg
Installation Wall-mounted
InputSensor AWE280A
Centering sensor SI12-NE4
Remote control unit 1Single circuit : RP66-1
Twin circuits : RP66-2
Function : Auto / Man / Centering.
Auto balance, Manual operation
Lock function Contact input(+15V, 5mA)
Centering function Contact input(+15V, 5mA)
OutputMotor K12 : ± 24V DC, 1A(maximum)
Alarm contact Guide roller end and sensor blur : 250V AC 0.1A, 30V, 0.1A
Power supply for Sensor DC15V 1.4A