Agricultural Produce Quality Inspection Systems
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Agricultural Produce Quality Inspection Systems
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AP8770 series
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AP8770 series


High sensitivity detection performed by specialized camera

The best citrus grading machine

Reliable algorizm is developed to measure color, shape, blemish and others accurately


Reliability proven by installation references all over Japan


  • Complete angle of each piece of fresh produce is captured simply by 6 high resolution images
  • 10 pieces/sec (delivery speed of 60m/min) high speed image process


  • Equipped with automatic grading function
  • Grading parameter can be set independently with different grading levels up to 100 varieties


  • LED light unit for long life time and reduction of electric consumption
  • Compact design
Upper side sensor dimension W304 × D707 × H585
Computer dimension W485 × D550 × H180
Guranteed inspection performance Max. 10 pieces/sec (delivery speed 60m/min) with 3 different speed settings
Examples of grading categories Shape: Projected area diameter, Max. (Min.) diameter, Roundness, Flatness, Weight estimation Color / Blemish: Whole color, Color ratio, Blemish area, Dot count, Clear rot area
Standard communication method RS232C