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Strip Width Gauge WGL1000

Strip Width Gauge  WGL1000


2 Light Source Image Management

  • Reduce variation (error) due to changes in strip pass line
  • Sensor unit for detection with self-check function

Installation above the strip

  • Flexible installation (all installation above strip)
  • Easy maintenance due to accessibility
  • Reduce adhesion of dirt in LED and sensor unit


The system consists of LED light source for illumination, Sensor unit for detection of the strip and a specialize control panel with image processing unit for data analysis and I/O management. The sensor unit is connected to the specialize control panel using general purpose device net cable and LAN cable.

The system uses the laser triangulation method wherein it uses a capture camera image of projected line laser to detect the edge position and surface profile of the strip. This data is then translated into spatial axis (X,Z) using predetermined parameters. The measurement data for strip width and deviation can then be outputted to a level 2 computer.


Sensor Unit
Measurement RangePassline direction ±30mm
Lateral direction 800mm(standard)
Measurement Accuracy ±0.4mm
Applicable Material Metal strip, others
Laser Light SourceType Semiconductor laser
Wave length 660nm
Output 30mW and below
Laser Class 3R
LED Light SourceOutput Rating 40W
Cable length 100m and below
Operating EnvironmentTemp. Range 0-40℃
Protection Class IP54
Approx. Weight 11kg
Size H315 x W120 x D370
Control Panel
Image Processing Unit NIPU1000
Measurement Cycle 10ms
No. of Sensor unit that can be connected 2(standard) Max 4
Touch Panel DisplayDisplay range 0-9999.9mm
Size 10.5inch
External I/FStrip Width Output Ether-net, Analog
Strip Deviation Output Ether-net, Analog
Edge Height Output Ether-net
I/O Contact PiO
UtilityPower Supply AC100-440V
Current Rating 1.5kVA
Operating EnvironmentTemp. Range 0-40℃
Protection Class IP54
Approx. Weight 250kg
Size H1800 x W100 x D675