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Linear Sensor LSE4096

Linear Sensor  LSE4096


The Linear Sensor is a product applying a one-dimensional image sensor that measures width,length,thickness,position,shape,etc.highly accurately.


■Web width measurement
■Detecting sensor for EPC
■Detecting sensor for CPC

■Simple Operation

  • Operates on a single power line (DC+15V).
  • Just connect the power supply and it outputs a voltage (0 - 5V) proportional to the measurement count (the number of illuminated pixels).
  • The measurement count (the number of illuminated pixels) is displayed on an LED counter, so it is simple to check the operation status.

■Wide Scanning Time Range

  • The scanning time setting can be changed in the range of 2 msec - 20 msec.


  • The volume of the device is approximately one third that of our previous models.
    Note: Not including the lens tube.

■Long life and high reliability

  • Reliable detecting elements and electronic circuits can be used for a long time because semi-conductors are fully used.


  • Operates stably in an ambient temperature range of 0-50℃.

process_lse4096_2nd.png The receptor is a CCD linear image sensor with 4,096 pixels. It is a fixed imaging element with 4,096 photo cells arrayed in rows at intervals of 7μm. Light that is partially shaded by the measurement subject passes through the lens to form an image on the receptor. Pulse signals are output with varied levels proportional to the amount of light falling on each pixel. That is the video signal, and it is output as a time series of pulse signals. From that video signal, the number of pulse signals exceeding a certain level is measured, and an analog voltage (0~5V) proportional to that measurement count (equivalent to the bright portion that receives light) is output.



Receptor CCD linear image sensor
Effective pixels 4,096 pixels
Pixel spacing 7 μm
Scan time 2-20 msec/line
Data rate 3 MHz (2 msec/line - )
750 kHz (7 msec/line - )
Synch method Switched between internal and external synchronization
Output signals Analog voltage DC0 - 5V Load resistance at least 2kΩ
Video signal Load resistance 75Ω
Enable signal (TTL level) Load resistance 75Ω
Input signals External sync signal (TTL level) Input resistance 75Ω
Clock signal for external sync (TTL level) Input resistance 75Ω
Power supply DC +15V±10%, 0.3A
Display unit Decimal, four digit, seven-segment LED display
Lens mount Nikon F mount
Operating ambient temperature range 0-50˚C