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Laser Marker


Nireco's laser marking system can mark directly onto the sides or ends of thick plates moving on the production line. It can write text information necessary for quality control and inventory management, and barcodes that are essential for logistics management, yielding major cost reductions.
Using our abundant experience and expertise in the steel industry, this marking system marks quickly and accurately, on hot metal or on cold metal. It is also highly environmentally stable, for dependable long-term use.

  • Handles all surface states.
  • Writes on all casting surface irregularities.
  • Harmless, water-soluble ink.
  • Newly-developed surface coat application nozzle eliminates ink blockages.
  • Low laser marker running cost - just surface coat and electricity.
  • High printing speed allows instant marking.
  • Prints regular, 2D, RSS and other types of barcode.
  • Prints on hot materials at up to 900°C, as standard.
Printing sample

Example of lettering printed on a 6-mm slab

Example of bar code printed on a 6-mm slab

Material specifications
Thickness 4.5mm -
Temperature Room temperature to 600℃
Warping ±50mm
Curved surface 3R
Printing specifications
Character size 3.5mm -
Color Primer color (e.g., white)
Printing speed 50 characters per 3.5 sec.
Focal depth ±2mm
Basic marking range (when head is fixed) 105mm×105mm
Printing speed when moving 200mm / sec
Market specifications
Laser specifications Co2 30w
Primer nozzle (Nireco Corporation) GJ0381.0-00
Primer coat (Nireco Corporation) NRC-850, NRC-1100
Plate temperature measurement By data input or actual measurement
Marker head movement mechanism Head positioned by dual- or triple-axis servo motor
Protective structure Dual-layer air-cooled case
Image of the laser marker at work