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Jet Marker


Marking is performed in such a way that the nozzle is moved along the character shape in the X-Y stage and paint is ejected each time the nozzle is opened and closed as it moves a specified distance. Shortening the ejection timing produces continuous line characters; lengthening it produces dot characters.

  • process_jetmarker_2nd.jpgBecause one nozzle is moved in the X and Y direction to from characters, it is possible to paint any size or pattem of character or mark.
  • Character shapes can be set or changed using a graphical display; when an automatic reading system is used to read characters; certain characteristics can be assigned to characters of similar shape.
  • Marking of small characters can be performed.(20mm(H)×15mm(W))
  • Since an atomizing nozzle is used, paint consumption is reduced, even in hot material applications.
  • The amount of paint ejected is controlled for the object according to the temperature information and characters having a certain thickness can be marked.
  • Clog-free nozzle.


The same marking head marks on billets arranged both vertically and horizontally


Marking on the end face of 300°C℃ to 700°C℃ billets using JET MARKER

Standard stageA type X-axis 600 mm x Y-axis 150 mm
B type X-axis 500 mm x Y-axis 150 mm
C type X-axis 400 mm x Y-axis 150 mm
D type 300 mm x Y-axis 150 mm
Letter size Any desired (character height: 20mm < )
Marking speed 0.7sec/character (H=30mm, P=30mm)
Character thickness 3 to 10 mm
Distance between characters 30mm±5mm
Material temperature Normal temperature to 1100℃
Paint ink or water-based paint
Tank capacity 15 L (standard) cold-rolling steel
50 L Hot-rolling steel
Data setting method Manual setting and auto linkage setting
Power supply A200/220V or 400/440 V AC 50/60 Hz
Air source 400 400 kPa (4kgf/cm2) or more
Cleaning water 100~200kPa(1~2kgf/..)