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ECLM2000 Series

ECLM2000 Series


The ECLM-2000 Series level meter has been designed for use as a molten-metal level control sensor within molds form the continuous casting equipment of iron manufacturing plants, and it comprises a detector, amplifier, and a special cable.



Principle of The Eddy Current Level Meter




  • Short setup time (Automatic setup / USB data input).
  • Available Mold oscillation signal reverse-phase-cancellation(MOC).
  • One point calibration./ Multi point calibration available.



  • Durable box and water proof connectors.
  • Very low thermal drift.
  • CE Marking certified (IEC61010-1:2010).
  • Compatible with latest EMS/EMB.

User Friendly

  • Compatible terminal box option [MA2000AJB]. (Easy upgrade from legacy ECLM [MA600/700/1000])
  • Touch Screen Display.
  • Easy to use Button Icons.
  • Useful Oscilloscope function for wave signal setup.
  • Helpful wave signal automatic setup.
  • USB port

Eco Friendly

  • RoHS.
  • Power efficiency (Power trans less).
  • Worldwide power supply.
  • Space efficient very compact Box.


  • NIRECO's Mold Amplifier ECLM system (NKK Sensor System) has 35th year experience.



Model SB-028 SB-3035A SB-3050A SB-060TF
Measurement range 0 to 100mm 0 to 150mm 0 to 200mm 0 to 150mm
External dimensions 28 x 194mm 35 x 170mm 51 x 185mm 60 x 150mm
Weiht 0.5kg 0.6kg 0.9kg 1.0kg
Applicable molds Billet, Bloom, Slab Billet, Bloom, Slab Slab Slab
Thermal drift
(at mold level 70mm)
(at mold level 100mm)
(at mold level 100mm)
(at mold level 100mm)
Model MA2000
Display 5.7inch Color touch screen display
Level output 4 to 20mA
Linearity ±1.0% (F.S)
Reproducibility ±0.5% (F.S)
Response speed 10msec(Non Filter)
Interface Isolated Analog, Relay Contacts, Profibus-DP(Slave)
Ambient temperature 0 to 45ºC
IP Code IP55
Power supply AC100V/110V ±10% 50/60Hz ±2%(150VA)
External dimensions 380mm(W)×380mm(H)×210mm(D)
Weight 18kg