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ECLM1000 Series

ECLM1000 Series


The ECLM-1000 series level meter has been designed for use as a molten-metal level control sensor within molds from the continuous casting equipment of iron manufacturing plants, and it comprises a detector, amplifier, and a dedicated cable. The detector employs electrical induction technology in order that it may measure the molten-metal level in a non-contact fashion while maintaining a compact size, and it features a wide measurement range in addition to excellent precision and response, Furthermore, by providing control results with little level deviation, it contributes to the improvement of casting quality. And thanks to the adoption of a digital amplifier and an LCD screen, both maintenance and workability have also been improved.

●The molten-metal level is measured with high precision and fast response.

●The system is influenced little by electromagnetic interference and the like, thus ensuring that stable and consistent measurements may be made.

●The replacement of detectors may be easily carried out.

  • Lightweight for easier handling
  • High level of compatibility

●A digital amplifier has been employed to ensure full functionality.

  • Linearizer function - Up to 10 types of linearizer characteristic may be stored.
  • Filter function - This function enables the automatic adjustment of the mold vibration-noise elimination circuit.
  • OPC operation function - OPC sequences are integrated into the amplifier.
  • Operation monitoring function - This function permits the monitoring of level output, OPC operations, and filter-adjustment operations.
  • LCD function - The linearizer tables and level-measurement condition may be displayed.


Detector: The coil is protected using fire-retardant material and the inside of the detector is air cooled, thus ensuring excellent durability with respect to the molten-metal surface. Furthermore, a supporting holder(optional extra) can be used to easily install the detector on top of the mold.

Amplifier: The amplifier features a micro-computer, and it is also provided with a keyboard and display to realize an interface with excellent workability, Accordingly, the display of data and manipulation of adjustment parameters can be carried out easily.

Dedicated cable: This special cable is used to connect the detector and the amplifier.

Model SB-028 SB-3035A SB-3050A SB-060TF
Measurement range 0 to 100mm 0 to 150mm 0 to 200mm 0 to 150mm
External dimensions 28 x 194mm 35 x 170mm 51 x 185mm 60 x 150mm
Weiht 0.5kg 0.6kg 0.9kg 1.0kg
Applicable molds Billet, Bloom, Slab Billet, Bloom, Slab Slab Slab
Model MA1000
Display LCD
Level output 4 to 20mADC
Linearity ±1.0% (F.S)
Reproducibility ±0.5% (F.S)
Response speed 0.5 sec.
Power supply AC100V/110V ±10% 50/60Hz ±2%(150VA)
External dimensions 557mm(W) x 360mm(H) x 283mm(D)
Weight 25kg