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Dot Marker
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Dot Marker



Seven nozzles arranged in a row are moved parallel to the object; Gpaint is ejected in a previously-specified 7x5 matrix for each character to form dot characters.

Character sizeHeight (H) 55mm or more
Width (W) 40mm or more
Pitch (P) 47mm or more
Dot diameter Φ6 to Φ12 mm
Letter description English letters
Arabic numerals
Other special symboIs
Marking speed 2 to 2.5 character/sec
No. of characlers and lines Free selection
Material temperature Normal temperature to 1000℃
Paint Water-based paint
Power supply 200/220 V or 400/440 V AC 50/60Hz
Air source 400 kPa (4 kgf /cm2) or more
Descalig water 150 to 300L /min
(at 1500 to 2000 kPa (15 to 20 kgf/ cm2))
Cleaning water 2 to 3L /min (at 100 to 200 kPa (1 to 2 kgf/ cm2))