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The Powerpack is an actuator that controls a load such as a valve.
As its output shaft performs rotary motions it is suitable for controlling a final control element of rotary type such as a butterfly valve.


The Powerpack is a kind of an electro-hydraulic actuator.
It is of the proportional positioning type and has a hydraulic work piston that is proportional to the electrical system, with the function of converting a DC electrical signal (DC 4-20mA) into a motion of the hydraulic work piston.
The Powerpack is of a structure that unitizes the current-hydraulic pressure converter unit, the hydraulic pump and the work cylinder, and it does not require external piping.

  • Usable as an actuator for various electronic controllers.
  • The actuating speed is high and a large actuating force can be obtained because actuation is performed by using hydraulic pressure on reception of an electrical signal.
  • Maintenance is easy and reliability is high because of a moving coil system incorporating a hydraulic jet pipe and a stable permanent magnet.
  • As the casing serves as an oil tank and all parts are contained in the interior, no external piping is required.

The Powerpack consists of an electro-hydraulic converter, a hydraulic unit, a crank unit and a work cylinder. All of these components are installed in an oil tank made of cast iron.


Common Specifications
Input signal 4 - 20mA DC
Resistance of moving coil 470Ω+0Ω/-50Ω(at25˚C)
Floating band 1.50%
Linearity ±2%
Maximum crank arm rotation 60 degrees
Length of crank arm 300mm
Control action Proportional action Operating direction
Normal: Crank arm turns counterclockwise with input signal up.
Reverse: Crank arm turns clockwise with input signal up.
Installation Horizontal
Hydraulic oil temperature +10 - +70˚C
Paint color Silver
Specifications by model
MotorkW 0.4 0.75 1.5
Max.Operating torquekN·mMax 1.42 1.71 2.15 4.12
Min 1.02 1.23 1.53 2.95
Max.speed with no load degree°/sec 2.4 7 8.5
Max. operating pressureMPa 1 1.2 1.2 2.3
Jet pipe hydraulic pressureMPa 1 1.2 1.2 0.8
Diameter of jet pipmm 2 1.6 1.6
Auxiliary piston None With CV2 With CV2
Cylinder dia.x strokemm Ø125×150 Ø125×150 Ø125×150
Hystresis error (no load)% 1 1 1
Overshooting (no load )% 1 1 1
Amount of oil required 27(w/ACC:34) 27(w/ACC:34) 27(w/ACC:34)
Hydraulic pump type Fixed Variable
Rotating direction of motor Revers Normal
Ambient temperature˚C -20 - +55 -20 - +55 -20 - +60
Mass. (including hydraulic oil)kg 175 180 195