Defect Inspection System for Plain Surfaces
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  • Defect Inspection System for Plain Surfaces
Defect Inspection System for Plain Surfaces
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A new solution for plain web production

Ultra-high speed monochrome camera and image processing engine.
And software to connect user and engine.
Nireco has built up a considerable track record in industrial inspection.
Now, Nireco offers a new solution, the industry top level plain surface inspection system Mujiken+.

Even faster image processing

•An inspection-dedicated high speed processing board enables double the image processing available with conventional systems.
•Improved "labelling function" enables accurate length measurement.
•Enhanced "shading correction function" and "filter function" to smooth out unevenness and noise.

New inspection algorithm added

•New "faint soiling" and "horizontal lines" detection circuits developed to tackle hard to detect unevenness, faint soiling and horizontal lines.
•Vertical line detection circuit improved by new streak enhancement processing.

Fuller range of cameras supported, advanced optical systems

•Ultra-high speed monochrome camera 640 MHz, 320 MHz (10-bit) also supported, processing speed doubled
•Color cameras added to line-up
•In addition to LED lamps, also supports combinations of special lighting, such as near-infrared, ultra-violet, etc.
These advanced optical systems increase the range of hidden defects that can be made visible, and greatly improve detection ability.

OS upgraded

•Windows 7 Embedded. Allows high speed data processing.
•The use of optical communications has allowed for significantly simpler hardware design. This has led to a dramatic improvement in PC reliability.

Twin monitors supported

•Increased external monitors enables enlarged display of defect images.
•Monitors mounted at operator observation point to enable quick detection of trouble.

Inspection samples

Speedy data analysis

Highly accurate detection of defects that are difficult to spot in plain materials such as high function film, ordinary film, paper, foil, etc.
Monochrome images photographed at high speed are processed with a unique algorithm and defect sections displayed. Defect sections are labelled in order to prevent defective products from being passed on to the next stage.


Defect inspection screens


Defect inspection screen


Grouping by statistical analysis


Twin monitors supported

mujikenplus_twinmonitors.jpgExample of twin monitor display

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