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Cargo shift prevention system
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Cargo shift prevention system


The gluing system for cargo shift prevention is a product that applies our hot-melt gluing system.

This system can prevent cargo stacks on pallets from shifting and falling, and can prevent cargo shifting during truck transport, warehousing, etc.

  • Shows strong resistance to sliding forwards or backwards, or left to right (in horizontal directions).
  • Since adhesion is weak vertically (up and down), removal is easy.
  • You can freely choose the gluing pattern (lines, circles and distance between patterns) depending on the package shape, weight and the way in which it will be stacked.
  • Cheaper than pallet wrapping, film wrapping, strapping, etc.
Overview of system components
sm23.png SM23 series Controller

These easy-to-use controllers can regulate gluing length regardless of the line speed.
Three model versions are available, each using a different method to decide gluing length.

hs_melter7.png HS melter MK-Ⅶ

Employs an internal heating method whereby the heater is in the middle of the hot-melt, which means that these melters have a much higher melt performance than previous models.

nozzle.png Applicator nozzles
The molten glue is forced under pressure from the heated hose at high speed and is continuously applied. Various kinds of nozzles are available for the gluing of different products. The nozzles are specially hardened to ensure a long life. Nozzle tip tubes of various shapes and diameters are available so allow hot-melt gluing to various specifications. The nozzle tubes are precision-processed for a long service life and consistent hot-melt application.
heater_hose.png Heated hose
This hose feeds the hot melted glue from the HS melter to the applicator nozzle. The hose contains heater wires and electronic signal wires.
encorder.png Encoder
The encoder measures the timing of the gluing and the speed of the conveyor line, and sends signals to the controller.
converter.png Electro-pneumatic converter EN40
The EN40 converts electrical input signals into air pressure signals. Regardless of the line speed, the EN40 makes adjustments to ensure a consistent glue application.