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Nireco is involved in your production processes, offering systems that will enhance your product quality!

Sister machine to the BCON5000

By offering only single-sided inspections and functions, we have achieved a more affordable price.

The BCON series ̶ expanding through Nireco's proven performance

The BCON3500 uses the inspection technologies that Nireco has developed, to help improve product quality through reliable inspections. It inspects a wide variety of substrates, "visualizes" the inspection, and is easy to operate.

Examples of detected defects


Screen layout


Nireco LED lighting ̶ the product of technology and know how

High-brightness LED lighting uses basic optical principles to enable the inspection of a wide range of substrates.

  • Illuminates the web with the optimal level of brightness
  • A standard light-emitting length of 1400 mm. (When width = 1200 mm)
  • Can be manufactured in 200-mm-unit lengths. (Optional)
Profile screen

LED illumination gauge

  • This feature detects printing and web processing defects and graphically displays the appropriate amount of illumination from lighting systems required for a wide variety of different substrates, providing support to the factory floor through its intuitive operating environment.

LED profile ON and SAVE functions

  • A feature inherited from the BCON2000: you can check the camera signal waveform during the inspection. You can also save the camera signal waveform data that you have checked.
Equipment configuration
High-speed 4096-pixel 70 MHz cameras
High-brightness LED lighting
A total of 8 defect-detection circuits
  • 3 point-detecting circuits
  • 4 line-detecting circuits
  • 1 gradation-detecting circuit
An all-in-one processor
  • Camera inputs: 4096 pixels x 2 channels
  • Length measurement encoder 1-system input (A/B phases)
  • Remote control box input
  • Plate cylinder encoder input (Z phase)
  • Labeler output 1-system (when labeler is used)
  • External interface inputs(unwinding cutter / running / winding cutter)
Signal cable length
  • Up to 18 m (standard)
  • Up to 100 m (using an optical link)
Viewer PC connection (optional)