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Greetings from the President

President's message

NIRECO Corporation The President Toshiharu Kubota

Nireco Corporation's corporate philosophy is "Technology and Trust". For over 60 years since our founding in 1950, we have continued to support our customers' productive operations as a manufacturer of production line controlling and measuring device. We have got to where we are today thanks to the support of our customers, business partners, stockeholders and all our other stakeholders. To all these people we are truly grateful. With the globalization of economies in recent years, the opportunities for our products to face fierce competition have increased. In this kind of market environment, we are making good use of the technologies that we have built up over our long history, and are pursuing new technologies. By continuing to boldly challenge various projects we are building up a strong position as a leading manufacturer of production line controlling and measuring device. By continuing to provide advanced technologies and by meeting the needs of our customers, we are gaining trust and  impressing and pleasing the people who use the products that we produce. This is what we as Nireco Corporation want to achieve. We trust that we will continue to receive your further support and guidance well into the future.